Luxury Car Rentals and the Ford Mustang

Ponies may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of New York City, but Action Car Rentals in about to change that thanks to the ultimate pony car luxury rental. For decades, the Ford Mustang has provided travelers with the ultimate American sports car experience, combining sleek lines and sophisticated power. The tradition continues to this day, as Action Car Rentals proudly presents the all new line of Mustang luxury car rentals. Inspired by the first decade of revved-up horses, the new Ford Mustangs provide travelers with modern amenities and old-school excitement. Faster and more agile than ever, the Ford Mustang is quickly becoming one of Action Car Rentals most popular luxury car rentals. Functional and finished, the Ford Mustang must be driven in order to be fully appreciated, so what's your excuse? Riding a pony is easy in NYC, so call Action Car Rentals today and reserve the ultimate Pony Car today.

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence and Excitement

The Ford Mustang has been an icon of American muscle and performance for more than 40 years, outliving other Pony Car sensations like the Camaro, Firebird and Barracuda. One look at the all new Ford Mustang luxury car rentals at Action and it's easy to see why. From the five-speed manual transmission to the plethora of convenience amenities, the Mustang is one user-friendly automobile. Standard base features in the new Mustang include one-touch power windows, power mirrors, power door locks, tilt steering, air conditioning, 16-inch wheels and cruise control. Wintertime travelers will also benefit from a rear window defroster. A 4.0 liter overhead-cam V6 engine powers the standard Mustang rental, generating a power 210 horses in a blink of an eye. Remember folks, this is not your grandma's Mustang. Designed with classic Pony Car power, the new Mustang is ready and waiting to wow an all new generation of Ford followers - so what are you waiting for? Reserve your Ford Mustang rental today.

A Modern Look at American Muscle

Nothing says American muscle like the original Pony Car. This remains true for the latest generation of the all-American automobile. Its long hood and short rear reflects more than 40 years of Mustang memories and who could forget the classic C-scoops and three-element tail lights? A menacing shark-like nose provides the latest Mustang with even more on-road presence, and you just can't miss this vehicle's bold roofline. Designed with overt references to the Mustangs of 1967, the new Pony Car boasts a ton of updated technology that's anything but retro. Based on a modified Jaguar S-Type platform, the new Mustang features big brakes, and a completely redesigned front and rear suspension. Ford has truly outdone itself this time with the Mustang, providing current customers with a level of sophistication past consumers could only dream of. Attention to detail continues inside the new Ford Mustang luxury car rentals, thanks to a functional yet funky interior design. Sporty and crisp, the interior of the latest generation of Mustangs is as blatant a throwback to the '60s as the exterior (with the addition of a few high-tech features, of course). From the distinct driver and passenger pods to the chromed out accents, there's something undeniably sexy about this new breed of modern Mustang. Passengers can even personalize their luxury car rental thanks to a color-changeable instrument panel display. No other vehicle on the road today combines retro-chic with modern mastery quite like the new Mustang, so what's holding you back? The new Mustang luxury car rentals are booking up fast here at Action Car Rentals in NYC so don't delay. Call and place your reservation today - before it's too late.

The new Ford Mustang luxury car rentals are highly recommended for solo travelers or couples. The Mustang coupe is capable of seating four grown adults, but getting in and out of the vehicle can become quite tedious. If you would like to learn more about the Ford Mustang luxury car rentals currently available at Action Car Rentals please feel free to contact the rental office nearest you.

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