Cargo Van Rentals and New York City Car Rentals

In need of a little extra space during your trip to New York City? Then a Cargo Van rental from Action Car Rental is exactly what you need. These full size Ford Vans are perfect for moving large loads of cargo and do NOT come with commercial plates. This means that you have the freedom to drive your Cargo van rental on any highway or parkway in New York. These vans are tough rugged and extremely reliable, so take a moment and read up on all the cool advantages that cargo vans have to offer!

Cargo vans are equipped to help people move large awkward objects like mattresses, chairs and yes, even the kitchen sink! Cargo vans come in three different extended lengths (contact Action Car Rentals for availability of models) that allow for different sizes of cargo. The five door setup on cargo van rentals allows for simple and easy loading.

Renting a cargo van is also a cheaper alternative than hiring a moving company to help transport all of your most valuable goods. So for those of you who live in the New York area and are planning on making a small move around the city, a cargo van rental from Action Car Rentals is definitely an option to look into. One of the best features of renting a cargo van from Action is the fact that there are NO commercial plates. This allows for unlimited accessibility to all of the roads in New York. Rent a Cargo Van now!

Are you worried about renting a cargo van because of its size? There's no need to fret! Cargo van rentals are extremely easy to maneuver. After a few trial runs you'll feel like your driving you're behind the wheel of your trusty mini-van! Cargo vans come equipped with extended outside mirrors to correspond with the length your rental vehicle, so you can always be assured of their safety.

Cargo van rentals also come complete with air conditioning systems to keep all the occupants cool and comfortable during their long day of moving. The driver's and passenger's seat are both bucket chairs with adjustable settings to personalize the occupants comfort levels. These chairs can move both fore and aft to ensure optimum leg room They also include seatbelts and inboard armrests. Most cargo van rentals include an AM/FM radio system (contact Action Car Rental for more details). The engines in Action Car Rentals cargo vans (depending on the model) range from 4.6 liter Triton SOHC SEFI 16 valve V8's to 6.0 liter Power Stroke Diesel 32 valve V8's. In layman's terms they pack a lot of power! The suspension allows for a smooth and enjoyable ride while the braking system is a standard power anti-lock 4-disc setup.

Cargo area in these vans start at approximately 235 cubic feet, perfect for carrying all your goods. The interiors (depending on models) have a carpeted interior which protects all of your cargo from damaging nicks and scratches.

As you can see Cargo van rentals are a great option when you're planning on moving large objects while you're in New York. They're convenient, easy to maneuver and full of potential. Feel free to call Action Car Rentals 212-253-229 in Manhattan for all the information on the available Cargo van rentals.

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