Cadillac Escalade Rental

Cadillac Escalade rental

A Cadillac Escalade Rental is a great way to tour New York City. You will be able to fit in with the high class vehicles that are scattered throughout the area. You may even get mistaken for a celebrity, as it is very common to see the rich and famous driving around in one of these beauties.

Keep reading for more information about the Cadillac Escalade:

Creating a massive 345 horsepower, the Cadillac Escalade is the world's most powerful full-size SUV. With this kind of power behind the wheel, the Escalade can do 0-60 in less than 9 seconds, and the quarter mile in 16.63 seconds. The Cadillac is not only fast, it is powerful; it can tow up to 8100 pounds.

With that much power in a vehicle so big, you may worry about breaks and handling. However, with the Cadillac Escalade, the worries are soon abolished when you get behind the wheel. The big four-wheel discs bring the Escalade to a controlled stop much quicker than would be expected with such a large vehicle, and the Escalade's always-on All-Wheel Drive and All-Speed Traction Control systems give you extra confidence and control.

As if that is not enough, Cadillac has added a suspension system that constantly adapts to road conditions and the way you drive, making driving the Escalade on of the most luxurious rides you will ever experience. If you were worried about parking a vehicle that is larger than you are used to, never fear, Cadillac has thought of that too. The Escalade is equipped with an Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist.

Oh and do not forget about the luxury. The Escalade is equipped with entertainment and information systems that include a premium Bose music system, DVD navigation, DVD rear seat entertainment and XM Satellite Radio. There is also 10-way power front seats with heat and position memory, rear heated seats, triple-zone climate control, power folding outside mirrors and numerous steering-wheel-mounted controls.

A Cadillac Escalade rental is the obvious choice. Make your Cadillac Escalade rental now!

The world's most powerful full size SUV has a massive 345 horsepower engine, an extremely luxuroius interior and is very easy to handle. You wil get noticed in your Cadillac Escalade rental from Action Car Rental.

All-wheel drive and all-speed traction control systems give you extra control. Gold trim package, with chrome wheels and wood grain package, this 8 passenger suv is the ultimate suv on the road today. All options are available, from rear music console, to reverse warning sensor, to bose sound system. ultimate luxury.

EXT Escalade ESV
Passengers 5 7 or 8 7 or 8
3rd row seat n/a standard standard
Stabilitrak standard standard standard
Side Impact Air Bags standardstandardstandard
OnStar 1 Year Standard Directions and Connections 1 Year Standard Directions and Connections 1 Year Standard Directions and Connections
Drive type AWDF AWD or 2WD AWD
Length 220.9 199.8 220.9
wheelbase 130 115.9 130
Max Cargo Volume 95 104.6 134
Towing Capacity 7400 7800AWD 7300 2WD 7400

Don't worry about parking; Cadillac has thought of everything. The Escalade is equipped with an Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist. What is it? It uses both audio and visual cues to communicate information on the closeness of objects behind the vehicle. Cool.

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New York, NY 10003
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Jamaica, NY
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