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Bringing a lot of friends on your next trip to New York City? Then you need an extended Ford van rental that has the capacity to hold up to 15 people! This van is perfect; whether you're transporting your friends to all of New York's trendiest night spots or planning an extended family get together, Action Car Rentals' extended 15 passenger van rentals will get everyone where they wish to go!

The Interior
The interior of Action Car Rentals 15 passenger van rentals are versatile and comfortable. These extended van rentals can be used for transporting cargo, as well as people! Aside from having the capacity to carry 15 passengers at once, these vans can also quickly and efficiently convert into approximately 235 cubic feet of space, perfect for carrying a lot of cargo - All you need to do it remove the rear bench seats! There is also a Load Area Light and a front Dome Light inside all of our 15 passenger van rentals that allows for heightened visibility when loading your van during the night. If you're planning on renting this vehicle during the summer months you'll be glad to hear that all of Action Car Rentals 15 passenger vans come equipped with front and back manual high capacity air conditioning.

There are air ducts located throughout the entire body of the van allowing for complete air circulation and passenger satisfaction. All of the rear seats in the 15 passenger van rental are foldable bench seats, while the front driver and passenger seat are comfortable bucket seat designs. These chairs are 4 way adjustable and include inboard armrests. The seats move both fore and aft to provide plenty of leg room for the occupants, and they can also be tilted back and forth for improved comfort.
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Mechanical Information
The 15 passenger Ford van rentals at Action Car Rentals have a 4-speed automatic and electric transmission with overdrive. The recirculating power steering is controlled through the steering wheel which is mounted on a tilting base, providing complete comfort to the driver. The suspension of Action Car Rentals 15 passenger vans include semi-floating live axle rear suspension, complete with multi-leaf springs and heavy duty gas shock absorbers; plus front independent twin I-beam suspension which also includes heavy duty gas shock absorbers and springs.

Action Car Rental understands that safety is the most important feature on any vehicle. That's why the 15 passenger van rentals from Action Car include automatic locking retractors on all of the vehicles three point seatbelts. These safety-belts are also height adjustable ensuring the safety of all passengers. The brakes on Action Car Rentals' vans are 4-wheel anti-lock and include both front and rear power disc braking systems.

Airbags are also included for both the driver and passenger seats of the 15 passenger van rentals, along with side door Intrusion Beams that protect the rear passengers during the event of an accident.

If you're planning on moving large loads of cargo while in New York City please visit Action Rentals Cargo Van rental page. These vans will safe you the hassle of disassembling the rear seats, and offer plenty of cargo room for those awkward and large pieces of furniture.

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